Village House by Singgahsana

Hidden down a dusty track, just 100 metres from the beach in the friendly village of Santubong, the Village House offers the tranquility and personal attention that most travellers crave. The traditional Malay-style stilted rooms and the many chill out areas are decorated using local materials and Sarawakian handicrafts, and this together with the warm family reception ensures that you will experience the welcoming hospitality for which Sarawak is famous for.

The private residence of Donald and Marina Tan, Village House is the ultimate hideaway, and the perfect place to unwind and they welcome guests to come and share in this unique experience with them. So if you are looking to enjoy the beauty and tranquility of Sarawak life – whether on a relaxing escape or an action-packed nature trip – some time with the family at their Village House might just be what’s needed.