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The Village House by Singgahsana is located at Santubong Village, 31 kilometers from Kuching, the capital city of the Malaysian state of Sarawak, the perfect gateway to the island of Borneo.

Santubong Village boasts of a rich cultural and historical legacy; from 9th to 13th centuries, during the Tang and Sung dynasties, Santubong was one of the premium trading centers in the region and was the first capital of Sarawak.

The village boasts of beautiful untouched beaches and numerous archeological sites.

Alfred Wallace Bungalow

Bongkissam, Batu Gambar, Sungai Jaong, Tanjung Kubur, Makam Sultan Tengah

Mount Santubong National Park

Kuching Wetlands National Park

Satang Islands

Sarawak Cultural Village

Damai Golf & Country Club

Damai Central

Buntal Fishing Village

Pasir Panjang & Pandak Villages